I will give generously

Money is a topic that many people do not like to talk about. It is often thought of as a personal matter and, therefore, should be kept quiet. However, the Bible teaches us a lot about money. In fact, Jesus Himself spoke a great deal about money. Many church members do not like to hear the pastor preach about giving. For that reason, many pastors will avoid the issue. However, the issue cannot be avoided if you are committed to preaching the full counsel of God’s Word. The sixth characteristic of an outward focused Christian, according to Thom Rainer, is: I will give generously. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” I have said many times before that you can tell how much someone loves Jesus by looking at their day planner and their checkbook. How we spend our time and how we spend our money is a good indication of where we are in our walk with God. Thom Rainer points out, “Where our money goes is a reflection of our heart and our priorities.” An outward focused Christian is one who will give generously. If we are not cheerfully generous with what God has given to us, then we are not obedient to Christ. This applies not just to our giving as individuals, but also as a church. As a church, we are to be generous with the funds that God blesses us with. The church is not a business. We are not to try and make money. Every penny that comes into the church should have a purpose. As a member of the church, I trust and expect that the money I give is used for the work of the Church and for the building of the Kingdom of God in reaching people for Jesus. No church member should ever complain about the money that is spent if it used for the right purpose. The money the church has is given to us by God in order that we may use it for His glory. If we are not using what God has given to us, then we are living in sin, whether that be as individuals or as a church. Thom Rainer gives a few final thoughts: “Your obedience to God is directly related to your giving. Your faithfulness as a church member is a function of your giving. Your joy as a believer is closely tied to your giving. Be willing. Be cheerful. Just give.”

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