One of the things that I enjoy trying to figure out is ‘why’ questions. For instance: “Why do we call the color red, ‘red’? Why is the sky blue? Why is it that when we send something by plane, it is called cargo, but when we send something by car it is called a shipment? These are just a few of the things that I wonder about. Often times, however, we have more serious ‘Why’ questions. Why did I lose my loved one? Why did I lose my job? Why can I never seem to get ahead? Why, God, Why? Some people think it is wrong to question God, I disagree. We should not question God in that we doubt Him, however, there is nothing wrong with seeking God for an answer. There are some things that we just don’t understand and we have to ask God, ‘why’. Life is filled with many things that we do not understand. I don’t understand why God allows bad things to happen in our lives. I don’t understand why others seem to be blessed more than me. I cannot comprehend everything about God and the Bible. There are alot of things that just does not make sense to me. So what is the answer? What does God tell us to do? I believe that God’s answer to all of life’s questions are summed up in two simple words: TRUST ME. All God wants us to do is simply trust Him. He knows what He is doing even when we cannot figure it out. He has a perfect plan that includes even the most difficult things we face. We don’t have to understand it, we just simply must trust Him. The real question to consider is: “Do you really trust Him?” Have you trusted in Him for salvation, or are you counting on your good deeds or church membership? Have you given everything over to Jesus; your family, your church, your friends, your finances? Do you really trust Him? The answer to all of our ‘Why’ questions will always be: TRUST JESUS!

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