Let the Lord fight for you

Psalm 64 speaks concerning those who seek to destroy us with their tongues. Words can certainly do a lot of damage. Gossip, slander, rumors; all are very destructive. How do we respond when we are the subject of such attacks? Do we intervene? Do we attempt to defend ourselves? Do we go on the offensive and attack in retaliation? Psalm 64 tells us that God will fight the battle for us. We do not ignore the situation. However, we respond in prayer. We go before the Lord and ask Him to silent the mouths of our attackers. We respond in love by not holding grudges and treating everyone with respect. We focus on doing what is right and stay faithful to our mission and purpose. We need not waste our time responding to those who verbally attack us. We simply let God go before us. We need not to defend ourselves. We respond with good works and with prayer.

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