Another chance for America

The most consequential election of our time has come to an end. God has heard our cry. With the election of our new President and a more conservative house and senate, the opportunity has been given for America to return to its roots as a God-fearing nation. The possibility of ending the holocaust known as abortion is now very real. The possibility of returning prayer and Bible reading in our schools is now very real. The freedom to proclaim the Gospel and preach the truth that was in grave jeopardy is now more likely to be protected. Having a Supreme Court full of conservative judges that will uphold the constitution is now very likely and probably will happen. A stronger economy and a stronger military is also on the horizon. God has certainly shown His favor on America once again and the time for healing our land has come. However, we must heed the warnings of old. When God gives us another chance to get things right we must not falter. This is the time for the church in America to rise and to restore the old landmarks that were established by those who came before us. It is time for the church to return to God’s Word and boldly proclaim the truth. It is time for the church to reach out and help those in need. It is time to forgive. It is time to give grace. It is time to heal. I for one am cautiously optimistic for the future of our nation. However, the Lord can take away as easily as He has given. God has given us a second chance. Now is the time to repent and turn from our wicked ways. The ingredients are in place for God to bring healing and revival to this nation. What will we do with it? How will we respond? Will we gloat in our victory or will we humbly bow before God in praise and gratitude? Will we take advantage of the situation by imposing our will or will we submit to the Lordship of Christ and pray for our leaders that the right decisions will be made at the right time? America, God has given us another chance. Could it be our last chance? May we be thankful, relieved, and energized. But, most of all may we be thankful that God is seemingly not done with America and we still have a chance to get things right for the glory of God!


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