Hearing God’s Voice


                I have been reading an amazing book from our church library by Henry and Richard Blackaby called, Hearing the voice of God. There are many ways that God speaks to us. He speaks to us through the scriptures, the Holy Spirit, prayer, circumstances, people, and the church. Many times, however, we fail to recognize when God is speaking. The truth is that God is always speaking to us but we fail to listen. Every time we open God’s Word, God is speaking directly to us. God’s Word demands a response. We either respond in obedience or in disobedience. The Holy Spirit speaks to us by reminding us of what we have read in God’s Word and by prompting us to obedience. Prayer is often looked at as a one way conversation where we bring our petitions to God. However, prayer is actually a two way conversation where we should listen more than we speak. God works through the circumstances of our lives in order to speak to us. He may allow certain things to happen or not to happen in order to guide our steps in the direction that He would have us go. There are no coincidences with God. God has a purpose in every circumstance of our lives. God also has a way of bringing people in our lives to speak truth to us. We should learn to listen to what others have to say, for they may be delivering a message from the Lord without us or them even knowing it. The church is God’s instrument in the world today to bring about His plan. God uses the church to speak directly to His people in order to instruct us in being His ambassadors to this world. This is why involvement in church is so important. The question is not whether or not God is speaking to you. The question is: Are you listening?

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