Scripture Reading: Psalm 133 ; 1 Corinthians 1:11-17 ; Philippians 2:1-2

Unity is sometimes difficult to achieve. However, it should not be as difficult as we sometimes make it to be. God is pleased when His people are united. We are not to follow man, but we are to follow Christ. Though separation is sometimes needed in order to maintain unity in the local church, we as believers should strive for unity in the fundamentals of the faith. We should not follow or align ourselves with various man-made schools of theology. We should simply follow Christ and His Word. Unity is possible when we are of the same mind. Being of the same mind is made possible as we submit to the scriptures as the final authority for everything. Too often, we tend to focus on things that really do not matter. We divide over differences in our preferences instead of differences in our doctrine. Personal preferences is not something worth dividing over. As believers, we should work hard to maintain unity in the church. This does not mean that we compromise on fundamental doctrines. However, it could mean sacrificing our personal preferences for the sake of unity.

What is God saying to me:

It’s not worth it. All of the debates and bickering over non-essentials is not worth it. Stop trying to prove that your way is best. Focus on what matters most. Focus on what I have called you to do. Stand firm on the fundamentals of the faith and I will take care of the rest. Stay faithful and true to your calling. Do not be swayed by men. Follow me.

What should I do today:

Prayerfully consider the areas of life and ministry that I have focused too much on. Repent of trying to have my own way and pursue my own personal preferences. Focus on my calling. Let God do His work in His time and in His way. Just faithfully follow Him one day at a time.

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