Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate

The debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham was very interesting. Both men stayed true to their points of view. My prayer is that God will use this debate to get people to think and search for the truth. I pray that the seeds of the Gospel that were planted would be watered and would bring forth fruit. There are several observations that I would like to make concerning the debate:

1. Everyone has their own presupposition. 

The secular scientist or evolutionist presupposes that there is no God. They make assumptions based on their secular worldview. They look at science through the lenses of a secular worldview. They do not see the intelligent design of the world and the universe because they deny the fact that there is a God. The creationist, on the other hand, also has his own presupposition. Those who believe in the Biblical account of creation will look at science through the lenses of scripture. They presuppose that there is a God and therefore, the way they look at things is based on that fundamental belief. As Ken Ham pointed out, both sides have the same evidence, but each side interprets the evidence according to their own presuppositions. The debate between Ken Ham (Creationist) and Bill Nye (Evolutionist) proves this point. We all knew before the debate even began that neither men will convince the other to change their views. Ken Ham was right in pointing out that this is not a debate concerning science, but rather, between two opposing worldviews.

2. Missed Opportunities. 

Both men missed some opportunities during the course of the debate. The biggest missed opportunity that I saw was when Bill Nye talked about large boulders in open spaces. He said that if there were a world-wide flood then those boulders would have pushed down rather than have been pushed up above the ground. Ken Ham failed to respond on this point. The Bible clearly teaches that before the flood there was a layer of water under the earth. The Bible says that the ‘fountains of the deep’ broke up. The waters under the earth broke loose and tore through the layers of earth. This would have violently pushed up rocks and even formed mountains. This was one issue that should have been discussed in the debate.

3. Unresponsive Moments. 

Not only was there missed opportunities, but there were many things that both sides ignored. Ken Ham really put the nail in the coffin when he talked about the various ‘kinds’ of animals just as the Bible describes. The evolutionist will tell us that different animals evolved into completely different life forms. However, observational science proves that this is not taking place. A dog will always be a dog and a cat will always be a cat. Bill Nye completely ignored this issue simply because he had no answer. Ken Ham ignored the questions raised repeatedly by Bill Nye concerning the absence of a fossil that overlaps various layers. This was rather confusing to me because we do know that there have been fossils found in places that evolutionist would claim those fossils would not be. I am not sure that a fossil like what Bill Nye was describing has ever been found, however, the absence of something does not prove anything. Ken Ham should have addressed the question rather than just ignoring it.

4. The Gospel 

I am very pleased that Ken Ham made no apology in using the Bible. The part in the debate when Bill Nye had no answer and Ken Ham responded with, ‘there is a book, and its called the Bible’ was a classic moment. I am also very pleased that Ken Ham presented the Gospel so clearly. I pray that the seed that was planted will bring forth fruit. This should be a lesson to all believers that we should not be ashamed of the Gospel. God’s Word is the final authority, not man’s ideas.

5. Mannerisms 

The one part of the debate that I believe was unfortunately lost by Ken Ham was in the area of their mannerisms. I know everyone has their own God-given personalities. However, Bill Nye looked much more confident and even more joyful than Ken Ham. It was disturbing to see Ken Ham looking down and not making eye contact with the camera. At the end of the debate, Ken Ham was very reserved and appeared unsure of himself. Bill Nye, on the other hand, was passionate and joyful, He looked at the camera and smiled. The lesson to be learned here for us as believers is that often times it is not what we say, but how we say it. We should speak the truth with confidence, authority, boldness, and joy.

6. The Bottom Line

The debate between creationist and evolutionist will never end until Jesus comes again. Satan will use every opportunity to discredit the Bible that he possibly can. I am thankful for ministries such as Answers in Genesis who work hard to educate people and to defend God’s Word. However, the real core of the issue is man’s heart. Bill Nye will never change his views until his heart is transformed by the Gospel. As believers, we should do everything we can to point people to the Gospel. I am very glad that Ken Ham did just that for the millions of people who were watching the debate. God’s Word will never return void. Though the secular media and the world will slander Ken Ham and other Christians for taking a stand for what they believe, God’s Word will still go forth. Someone, somewhere, will see this debate, hear the Gospel, and be saved! That one soul makes it worth it all!! To God be the Glory!!!

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