Why I believe in door-to-door evangelism

WHY is an ongoing evangelism ministry so important in the local church?

Many questions are raised today concerning the proper strategy for winning the lost to Christ. The honest answer to those questions is simply the fact that there is no ‘perfect’ strategy. There is no specific right or wrong way to bring the Gospel to the world. We are simply commanded in scripture to ‘GO’. It is important for us to know that WE CANNOT SAVE ANYBODY. Only Jesus can save a lost soul from eternal condemnation. Only the Holy Spirit can draw a lost soul to Christ for salvation. However, it is in God’s sovereign purpose to use born-again believers as instruments to bring the Gospel message to the world. Our job is to simply be obedient and faithful to do what God has commanded us to do. Therefore, the ultimate reason for our involvement in evangelism is not necessarily for the saving of souls but for the glory of God. It is through our obedience to the Great Commission that we bring glory to God.

The question may be raised as to why the local church should have a regular evangelistic visitation ministry. Objections often raised include: it’s an out-dated method, people don’t respond to a personal visit, and it’s too pushy. There are many other objections that are raised, but these are the most well-known. The method of going door-to-door can never be out-dated because our God is not out-dated. God can use any method in order to draw people to Himself. Door-to-door visitation is just one of many methods that God uses to bring the message of the Gospel to those who need to hear. There are too many people that are sitting there, waiting for someone to share with them the truth. Most lost people will never come to the church. Most lost people will not respond to a special event. However, when you go to their home and show them that you care enough about them to make an effort to visit them personally, they are more apt to respond. The objection that states that people do not respond to personal visits is simply bringing into question the power of God. It is not our job to get people to respond. It is our job to be obedient in sharing the Gospel. The response of a lost soul has nothing to do with the method or manner of the messenger. The response of a lost soul is only possible through the drawing of the Holy Spirit to the life changing Gospel. The final objection mentioned is that a door-to-door evangelism ministry is too pushy. The bottom line is that you can never be pushy enough when it comes to saving a soul from hell. As Christians, we must understand that we are not out just to make friends. We are called by God to be instruments through which the Gospel is proclaimed.

There are three reasons as to why an ongoing evangelism ministry in the local church is so important:

  1. We are commanded to ‘GO’. (Matthew 28:18-20)
  2. We are to be the ‘LIGHT OF THE WORLD’. (Matthew 5:14-16)
  3. The plight of a lost soul is too severe. (Luke 16:22-31)

The first reason is self-explanatory. We are command by God to GO! Obedience to that command is not an option. The second reason has to do with not only our lives as individuals but also the church as a whole. The local church should be visible in the community. The name of the local church should become a household name. Everywhere people go, they should be seeing the local church at work. There is no greater way to make the local church known, than a simple knock on a door. The plight of a lost soul is the most urgent reason for an ongoing evangelism ministry. People all around us are headed to a Christ-less eternity. Just the thought of that should drive us to go into the highways and hedges and beg people to come to Christ.


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