Spruce Head Launches Scripture Memory Group!

One of the most important aspects of the local church is discipleship. It is vital that believers in Christ participate with other believers in the process of growing to become more like Christ. At Spruce Head, we provide many opportunities for individuals from all walks of life and age groups to grow in their faith. One of the newest things we offer is a Scripture Memory Group. Together, as a church family, we are encouraging and helping one another in memorizing the Word of God. The scriptures that we memorize will correspond with the teaching and preaching ministry of the church. For example, starting in September, I will be preaching through the book of Romans, the verses we will memorize during that time will be from the book of Romans. To help us with this, we have created an online scripture memory group that will help us to keep each other accountable and to assist us in memorizing God’s Word. I encourage you to join the online group today and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. Join the SHCC Memory Group today!

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