Summary of the Bible Knowledge Commentary on Romans p. 498-502

The comments in these pages of the Bible Knowledge Commentary focus on the last chapter of Romans. A simple reading of this chapter may seem to not have a lot of information to learn from. However, we find here the longest greeting in all of Paul’s letters.

In verses 1-16, Paul gives some personal greetings. He begins with a greeting to Phoebe, whose name means ‘bright or radiant.’ Phoebe was a servant in the church in Cenchrea. She perhaps held the office of deaconess. She is the one who delivered Paul’s letter to the Romans. Phoebe is one of several women mentioned in Paul’s greeting. This goes against the idea of some the Paul was a women hater. This also shows the important role that women played in the early church.

Verses 17-27 provide the final words of Paul to the Romans. In verses 17-20, Paul gives a final warning to watch out for false teachers. He was concerned that false teachers would creep into the church and cause confusion. Verses 21-24 contain some additional personal greetings. Those mentioned include Timothy and Tertius. Tertius was Paul’s stenographer for this epistle. In verses 25-27, we have the closing benediction for the book of Romans. Paul makes a point to make much of Jesus. Giving God glory for all He has done and thanksgiving for His abundant grace.

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