Summary Dr. Thomas L. Constable’s Notes on Romans p. 173-178

We come now to the last chapter of Romans. Here we find personal matters of Paul. He names 36 different people in this chapter. 8 of these people were with Paul, while the rest were in Rome.

                In verses 1-2 we find a commendation. Phoebe is a woman who carried this epistle from Corinth to Rome. She was a servant in her home church. Phoebe may have held the office of deaconess; however, this is not entirely clear. She was, however, a very important servant in the church that she attended.

                Verses 3-16 give greetings to various Christians in Rome. The individuals mentioned were those to whom Paul desired to make a personal contact with, though, he had not seen the congregation. Paul acknowledges his coworkers in Christ. This indicates that he understood that he was not alone in the service of proclaiming the Gospel.

                Verses 17-20 provides a warning concerning false teachers. Paul was concerned that false teachers would find their way into the church at Rome. Wisdom was needed in order to discern between good teaching and false teaching.

                Verses 21-24 mention men that were fellow missionaries with Paul as well as Corinthian believer’s.

                A final doxology is given in verses 25-27. It is noted that proclamation follows revelation. The Gospel had been revealed to Paul, and now he lives to proclaim it. Paul closes the book with a praise to God, who is the one and only true God of all. 

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