Summary of the Bible Knowledge Commentary on Romans p. 487-492

This new section of Romans is more practical in nature as it has to do with the righteousness of God revealed in transformed living. Paul begins by presenting the argument that since we have received the amazing grace of God, we should present ourselves as a living sacrifice to God. We are to submit to the control of the Holy Spirit, allowing His power to change us and make us suitable vessels for God’s kingdom.

In chapter 12, we find how we are to consecrate ourselves to God. The basics of this consecration are seen in verses 1-2. These verses give the thesis of the argument for serving God in this life. Verses 3-8 expands on this thought as it shares the need to be consecrated to God in Christian ministry. A transformed life is demonstrated by ones use of his or hers spiritual gifts through the ministry of the local church. Verses 9-21 extend the thought of consecration into the realm of social relationships. Since we have been transformed, we are to live a life of love toward everyone.

As we come to chapter 3 and the first 7 verses, we see how we are to live a consecrated life in relation to authority. All authority in any place such as the home, church, workplace, and in government are ordained by God. We have the responsibility to submit to such authority and to the consequences of their laws. Verse 8-14 show how we are to live a consecrated life in light of the future. The soon return of Christ is the motivating factor that drives us to live a consecrated life. Living such a life requires submission to God and His Word.

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