From the Pastor’s Heart

I am afraid that I have become one of those ‘bragging’ pastors. I am so thankful to serve with such wonderful people who have a real genuine vision for reaching the world with the gospel. SHCC is filled with believer’s in Christ who take the initiative to proclaim the gospel in the way God leads them. Michelle Morin, our Christian Education Director, has taken upon herself the task of leading and training our teenagers to conduct 5-day clubs in various neighborhoods across our region throughout these summer months. Tim Carlson, who has a huge heart for evangelism, is helping to lead the way in starting an ongoing evangelistic visitation ministry. Rob Carlson, one of our deacons, provides a Bible study in his home in the fall. Calvin Morin, our Missions Director, is working hard to organize our annual Missions Conference in September and October. Mike and Jody Herbert are looking ahead to the fall for the Bible Drills Kick-off. Lori Kurr, our financial secretary, is the the most gracious and flexible financial secretary I have ever worked with. Eleanor Kinney is doing an amazing job in starting up a senior adult ministry. Donnie Pendleton continues to be used by God to minister to those in the local prisons and to those who struggle with addictions. I am sure that I have missed many others who, without them, Spruce Head would not be the church that it is today. The common thread in all of these people is a heart for God, a heart for people, and the initiative to do the work. Most of the new and ongoing ministries at SHCC have come out of a God-given vision in the hearts of obedient people. It does the pastor’s heart good to see people to whom God has given a vision and seeing them taking the initiative to  see the vision fulfilled. I just want to say, Thank You! Personally, I look forward to sitting back and watching what God will continue to do through SHCC in the years to come. To God be the glory!!!

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