Another school shooting. What is the answer?

A woman in her late 20’s enters an elementary school and opens fire killing children. I don’t know about you, but this angers me. How can anyone be so depraved that they would do such a thing? Why would anyone even think to enter a school and kill children? It is a senseless horrible act. What is the answer? Anytime news like this breaks in America we are often quick to play the blame game and get political. My views and opinions on security, gun laws, and other such issues really don’t matter. The answer is not more or less laws or more or less guns. The answer is not more or less security. Such discussions have their place and do provide temporary solutions. However, what is the solution to the depravity of our nation? What is the solution to the evil, wickedness, and lawlessness in America? The solution is simple. The solution is JESUS. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives in such a way that it dramatically changes one’s behavior.

                Personally, I welcome new programs and laws and security plans for our schools. Those things are all well and good. However, if we do not give people JESUS, sin will still abound and lawlessness will increase. Together, we can change the trajectory of a child’s life. We can have an eternal impact on a child’s life by giving them JESUS. As Christians, our focus is not to change the culture, our focus is to preach JESUS. It is only when people come to faith in Christ alone that the culture will change.

                The events of today that are way too close to home is a reminder of the vital importance of the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship. CEF is on the front lines working to partner with local churches to engage public schools with the good news of JESUS. If you are not familiar with the work of CEF, please visit the website of our local CEF chapter:

                If we want real, lasting, and long term solutions to tragedies like we have seen today, we must get serious about getting JESUS in our schools. I am all for the quick fixes that politicians and others have to offer. However, the only long-term solution is JESUS. This is why I work so hard to get the Gospel in our schools. This is why I consistently beg local pastors to lead their church to partner with their local CEF chapter. JESUS is the answer. It’s time that we stop giving in to our own fears and the resistance of an increasingly evil world. We must stand firm, fight hard, and never give up until every single person has the opportunity to accept JESUS as their Lord and Savior.

                There are 40 elementary schools in the Tennessee Valley Chapter of CEF. There are over 18,000 children in our local area. It is the goal of CEF of Tennessee Valley to establish a Good News Club in all 40 schools and to make sure all 18,000+ children have the opportunity to learn about the love of JESUS that can change their life forever. We will not let Satan win. He cannot have our children! We will not give up. Will you join us in this fight? Will you help us in this spiritual battle for the lives of our children? We need you. The children need you. Let’s stop discussing what we should do to prevent things like what happened today and let’s actually do something about it by sharing the love of JESUS with our children.

One thought on “Another school shooting. What is the answer?

  1. Pastor, thank God for your words. Jesus is the only answer I could not agree more with you. Lord, help us Father our prayer. Thank you for your steadfast words Pastor and may God have mercy on us all. Thankful.

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