On top of Satan’s hitlist

                You may have read or heard recently how there is a group that is trying to start so-called ‘Satanist’ clubs in public schools as a direct attack on Good News Clubs. As a matter of fact, the Satanic Temple has declared Good News Club as their number one nemesis. Praise the Lord! I never thought the organization that I work with to bring the Gospel to children would be number one on Satan’s hit list. You can read more about this battle from this Fox News article: After-school ‘Satan Club’ takes new aim at archenemy: Christian clubs for kids | Fox News.

                Good News Clubs are after-school clubs organized by partnerships with local churches and Child Evangelism Fellowship that are attended voluntarily by students in elementary schools. At Good News Clubs children engage in exciting Bible lessons, memory verses, songs, games, crafts, etc. The purpose of Good News Clubs and Child Evangelism Fellowship is to lead children to Jesus, disciple them, and establish them in a local church.

In 2001 the Supreme Court ruled that religious organizations are allowed to hold after-school activities on school property to offer religious instruction for children. Legally, a school cannot deny a Good News Club or any other religious club from operating an after-school program at the school. Some may argue that if we allow Good News Clubs then it opens the door for things such as these ‘Satanic’ clubs. Some fear that by allowing Good News Clubs, then unwanted groups will try to infiltrate their school. I would like to address those fears with the following:

  1. Satan can’t win. He is a defeated foe. No matter how much he tries to stop Good News Clubs, the Gospel always prevails. The last time this same issue arose it resulted in a surge of Good News Clubs starting across the country. I believe the same thing will happen again. In every case where a Satanist group started a club to combat Good News Clubs it backfired on them. Very few children attend the ‘Satanist’ club, and the Good News Clubs grew.
  2. Let them have their club. I would rather there be so-called ‘Satanist’ clubs in schools than to have Good News Clubs completely stopped. Think about it. If a school has a Good News Club and a Satanist group comes in, let them have their club. Legally, you cannot deny them just like you cannot deny a Good News Club. I am okay with a Satanist club that only brings in a couple of students, if any, while a Good News Club is reaching 30 or more children with the Good News of Jesus. Who knows, maybe those leading the Satanic club will get to know the leaders of the Good News Club and through their testimony and witness, the Satanist may come to trust in Jesus as their Savior!
  3. Satanic Clubs will not last. Due to the simple fact that parents are too smart to send their children to a club ran by Satanist, these so-called Satanic clubs will not last. Therefore, there is nothing to fear. If anything, we should be emboldened to establish more Good News Clubs and get the Gospel message to boys and girls who may otherwise never hear of God’s love for them.

I have the wonderful privilege of serving as the local director for the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship. In our chapter region there are 37 elementary schools with over 17,000 students. It is our goal to develop partnerships with local churches to establish a Good News Club in all 37 of those elementary schools. It is also our goal to reach children through summer 5-day clubs in communities and to reach children through our Camp Good News Ministry. There are many other things that CEF of Tennessee Valley has to offer and you can learn more at: www.ceftenneesseevalley.org

Currently, there are 10 Good News Clubs in our region. 8 of those are in public schools, while the other 2 operate on the campus of a local church. So far, this school year we have seen at least 10 children come to faith in Christ at a Good News Club! To God be the Glory! Being on top of Satan’s hitlist is nothing to fear. In fact, it is cause for rejoicing. Children are getting saved, discipled, and established in local churches and Satan does not like it. One of our Good News Club volunteers is a precious lady in her 90’s who has been ministering to children for many years. She told me once, “The next great revival in America will come through the children.” I could not agree more. The fact that Satan is not happy, and he is deliberately and intentionally attacking Good News Clubs is evidence that God is at work and the next great revival is on the way and its not starting in the church house, it is starting in the school house where children learn of the love of Jesus at a simple after-school program lead by volunteers from local churches in partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

I encourage you to pray for the Good News Clubs across our region. Pray that more churches will partner with us to reach boys and girls for Jesus. Consider doing your part by volunteering and serving in a Good News Club, 5-day Club, or at Camp Good News. Pray about giving to support the efforts of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship as we help local churches in reaching the children of their community with the Good News of Jesus. As far as, the so-called Satanic clubs and the attacks against Good News Clubs, I say, bring it on! History has proven that when Satan attacks, the Gospel of Jesus Christ prevails! Join with us, and let’s reach every child in every nation every day! www.ceftennesseevalley.org

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