Often times we speak of having a clear conscience. Oswald Chambers says the conscience is “the eyes of the soul which looks either toward God or toward what we regard as the highest standard.” Everyone has a conscience. However, the question is: to what standard do we hold our conscience? As Christians, our standard should be the Bible. We should look to the Bible to know how God would have us to live. When we fail to read the Bible, our conscience becomes weak. When our conscience is weak, we are much more prone to sin. With a weak conscience, we can justify anything. With a weak conscience, our spiritual vision is not clear. We cannot experience God’s best for us when we have a weak conscience. How do you know if your conscience is what it ought to be? Consider the things that bother you or the things that you are convicted of. For example, if watching a movie with inappropriate scenes or bad language does not bother you, then your conscience is weak. If you are not truthful in every way, if you get corners, if you hide things from others, if you cover up mistakes; you have a weak conscience. As a parent, I want my children to be as innocent as possible for as long as possible. But, what about we as adults. Should we not also strive for innocence? Should we not work to keep our conscience pure? Should we not protect our minds and keep all evil from corrupting our minds and our spiritual vision? How can we be any use for the kingdom of God when we allow sinful behavior to enter our minds? We need to understand that every time we watch something that is inappropriate, we have weakened our conscience. Every time we accept things that God has said is unacceptable, we have weakened our conscience. The weaker our conscience, the deeper into sin we will fall and the further away we get from God. Strengthen your conscience by spending time in God’s Word. Feed on the Word of God and not on the things of this world.

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