God’s way in His time – Genesis 41

Joseph waited in prison for two years. The fact that Joseph did something while He waited serves as evidence that he believed that God would deliver him one day. No doubt Joseph had moments of despair, however, he maintained an unwavering faith in God’s way and time. As a result of Joseph’s obedience and faith God’s plan for Joseph was activated. You see, God has a plan for each of our lives. However, in order for His plan to be activated, we must faithfully live in obedience day by day. As we are faithful in the little things, God’s plan becomes more and more clear. God’s timing should also be noted. Each step of God’s plan for our lives is activated by our obedience and in His time. God’s timing is also best. We must be careful that we do not get ahead of God and that we do not lag behind. To understand what God is doing and His timing in our lives, we must faithfully walk with Him day by day, taking one step at a time. In Genesis 41, we see God’s way and His time in the life of Joseph.

God gives Pharaoh two dreams (v. 1-8). Pharaoh was not a godly man. He worshipped false Egyptian gods. Yet, God orchestrates things in such a way that would lead to His plan being fulfilled in the life of Joseph. God has a way of working in circumstances to bring about His plan. He will put people in strategic places at just the right time. He will open doors and make things available to us at just the right time. There are no coincidences with God. If God puts a desire on your heart and subsequently a door is opened, that is no accident. That is God working in you to lead you down the path that He has for your life. As we live lives of obedience, God will put into motion all the details that need to come together to fulfill His plan and it all happens in His time. The fact that God gives Pharaoh two dreams is also significant. This famine was going to be a big deal. God wanted to make sure that Pharaoh understood exactly what needed to be done. If God gives us multiple messages, then when need to sit up and listen. Have you ever heard several preachers preach the exact same thing in the same week? Maybe God is trying to tell you something. Have you ever seen circumstances come together on their own, without any interference from you? Perhaps God is working something out. Sometimes God will show us things in repetitive form in order to makes His plan known.

Joseph is remembered (v. 9-13). The other day my wife and I were watching the Spirit of Saint Louis. At one point in the movie, Lindbergh is having a conversation with a priest that he is teaching how to fly. The priest asks Lindbergh if he believes in God. Lindbergh responds with, “I believe in what I can see and touch, I can’t touch God.” Lindbergh asks the priest if the plane stalls and is in a nosedive, will God intervene and keep the plane from crashing. The priest responds by saying, “I don’t know what God would do, but I do know He knows that I am falling.” You see, God never forgets us. He knows all things. When we find ourselves in trouble, God knows. God never forgot about Joseph. It was at the perfect time for all parties involved that God reminds the butler about Joseph.

Joseph is called (v. 14-15). At just the right moment, Pharaoh sends for Joseph and calls upon him to interpret his dreams. The calling of God on our lives is constant. Throughout our lives, God will call us to specific tasks and points of decision. His calling always coincides with His perfect will and plan for our lives. Sometimes we are obedient, other times we fail to recognize His call. This does not thwart God’s plan, however, God will redirect our lives to get us back in line with His plan. Life is so much better when we are obedient to God and when we answer His call.

Joseph gives Pharaoh the interpretation of his dreams (v. 16-32). Joseph makes it very clear that the interpretation comes from the Lord. It was God that gave Him the ability to interpret dreams. In wisdom, Joseph faithfully gives Pharaoh the truth exactly as it was given to him by God.

Joseph gives Pharaoh some wise advice (v. 33-36). Joseph takes the information God gave him concerning the dreams and gives Pharaoh direction on what he should do. When we receive a word from the Lord, we must carefully apply that word to the situation that we are in. God’s Word is relevant for us today. As we read the Word and we hear the Word preached, we must pay close attention to see how the Word applies to the current circumstances of our lives. God’s Word is very practical and it applies to our lives in specific ways.

Joseph is put in charge (v. 37-44). After being falsely accused and thrown into prison, Joseph is set free and is elevated to a position of authority. God restored Joseph and promoted Joseph. I really believe that if Joseph did not make the most of his situation by trusting God, he would not have been elevated to this position at this time. He would have remained in prison until his heart was changed. But, because Joseph was obedient, he experienced God’s best for him. God always has our best in mind. When we are obedient and faithful on a daily basis, God’s best for us is realized. However, when we are disobedient and rebellious, we miss out on God’s best for us.

Joseph is blessed with a family (v. 45-52). There is an underlining principle in scripture: obedience brings blessing. When we are faithful and we stay true to God’s Word even in difficult situations, God has a way of blessing us. Sometimes His blessing will come in the middle of our despair. Other times, His blessing will come later. The point is that as we are obedient, God will bless. Nothing good comes from disobedience. However, God’s favor is always upon us when we obey.

Joseph applies wisdom (v. 53-57). It is amazing to see how God uses Joseph. Just like he always had, Joseph exercises a strong work ethic and God blesses him for it. When God calls us to a specific task and he puts us in a position to get the job done, we must respond by applying ourselves to the work. If we expect God to continue to lead us and to show us His plan, we must work hard in the task to which He calls us.

God desires to activate His perfect plan for your life. To experience God’s best for you, there must be faithful obedience. God will elevate you. God will use you in mighty ways. The question is: Are you willing to do things God’s way and in His time?


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