What goes around comes around – Genesis 29:1-30

It is true that “what you reap is what you sow.” What goes around comes around. Even though we are forgiven for our sins and we received the wonderful grace of Jesus; there are still consequences for our sin in this life. I am a firm believer that ‘decisions determine destiny.’ The things we do today will affect our lives in the future. Some of those decisions have positive consequences, others have negative consequences. For Jacob, he is reaping what he sowed when he deceived his father. As we study this chapter there are several very valuable lessons.

God has a plan (v. 1-13). Here we find a testimony to the amazing sovereignty of God. As believers, we must live with the understanding that God has a plan and He is constantly working to guide our steps. Unfortunately, by our own sinful actions and selfishness, we seldom experience the fullness of God’s plan for our lives. There are things we miss out on because of our own poor choices. However, God is merciful and gracious and will work in our lives to bring us back to where He wants us to be. Jacob goes to the place that he was directed to go by his father. He is trusting the Lord to bring to Him a wife. This is very significant since Jacob is the one with whom the covenant lies. Having a wife was essential for Jacob. This meeting with Rachael did not happen by accident. It was a Divine appointment. Warren Weirsbe says, “We see the providence of God in this meeting. Jacob could have borrowed words from Isaac’s servant: “I being in the way, the Lord led me” (24:27, kjv). Unbelievers might call this event “a fortunate coincidence,” but believers would see in it the gracious leading of the hand of God. In the life of the trusting Christian, there are no accidents, only appointments.”[1] This is something that we all need to take note of. As we trust God to lead and guide our steps, we must consider every relationship and every conversation as something that has been orchestrated by God. As believers in Christ, we must be aware of our surroundings and pay close attention to the circumstances of our lives and also to the people that God brings across our path.

Pay attention to detail (v. 14-20). When Jacob saw Rachael, it was love at first sight. There was no doubt in Jacob’s mind that Rachael was the one for him. He was willing to do anything in order to be with Rachael. He agrees to work for Laban for seven years in order to have Rachael as his wife. However, in all the excitement, Jacob did not listen to one very important detail. Laban agreed to give Rachael to be Jacob’s wife, but he never said when. He made no promise to give Rachael to Jacob at the end of the seven years. Sometimes we get caught up in the circumstances of our lives that we miss the details that could cost us dearly. Sometimes we also miss out on what God has for us because we fail to pay attention to how He is working in and around us.

What you reap is what you sow (v. 21-30). Just as Jacob deceived his father, he is now the one being deceived. The principle of sowing and reaping applies to every area of our life. What you get out of something depends on what you put into it. If you sow seeds of deception, as Jacob did, you will reap deception. If you sow seeds of hatred and violence, you will reap more hatred and more violence. If you sow seeds of immorality, you will reap immorality. However, if sow love, you will reap love. If you so peace, you will reap peace. If you sow joy, you will reap joy.

It is very important that we realize that what goes around comes around. Every decision we make, every word we say, ever attitude we display has consequences whether good or bad. This is why it is vital that we pay attention to every detail of our lives and that we follow God’s plan rather than going our own way.

[1] Wiersbe, W. W. (1997). Be authentic (p. 38). Colorado Springs, CO: Chariot Victor Pub.

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