Lessons from the Tabernacle

In my personal Bible reading, I have been reading the book of Exodus. In Exodus 25-28, we see the instructions that God gives to Moses in regards to building the tabernacle. Just a first glance of these chapters can be nonexciting to say the least. However, there are some very valuable real-life lessons that we learn from these instructions given to Moses.

  • Do your very best.


The Tabernacle was a very elaborate structure. God never does anything half-way. Neither should we. The Bible is clear that everything we do is to be an act of worship to God. We are to do all for the glory of God. We are to put our best effort into all that we do.

  • Pay attention to detail.


God is very detailed-oriented. As you read about the Tabernacle, you find a lot of detail. There is the old saying, ‘the devil is in the details.’ When you start looking at the details, things can get messy. However, how we handle the details is the difference between a mediocre work and a great work.

  • Dream big.


The Tabernacle was a big deal. It was large, elaborate, and costly. God’s vision is so much greater than ours. What we see does not even compare to what God sees. We see obstacles. We see limitations. God sees potential and possibilities.

  • Dress for the work.


A lot of detail is given concerning the garments of the priests. They were to dress a certain way. The work of the Lord is the greatest work anyone can do. Being an ambassador of Jesus is the highest calling. We should not approach our work with a lazy attitude. We should be dressed and ready for the work that God calls us to.

These valuable lessons apply to all walks of life. Whatever your calling, whatever you do: do your very best, pay attention to detail, dream big, and dress for the work.

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