A sad day for America: an opportunity for revival

This is a sad day for America. We have lost one of our spiritual pillars. Billy Graham has gone home to be with the Lord at the age of 99. The impact he had on our nation and the world is so great that we will never realize the extent of it. Countless numbers of people around the world came to know Jesus through the ministry of Billy Graham. He was respected by presidents and kings. When he spoke, the world listened. When I think of the homegoing of Billy Graham, I am reminded that God’s timing is always perfect. Our nation is crying out for answers. With school shootings, violence, and immorality running rampant in America; we need a spiritual awakening. We need revival. My prayer is that with the passing of Billy Graham at this crucial time in our nation; America will turn to God. As we remember the life of such a great saint of God, may it cause our nation to pause and examine where we are. May it cause us to seek after God. The answer to America’s problems is not found in the policies created by our government. The answer is not less guns or more guns. The answer is Jesus. The only hope that we have to end the madness that pervades our society is Jesus. We need God in America again. My prayer is that the faith of America would not die with Billy Graham. May the passing of Billy Graham bring about a revival like this nation has never seen. May we as believers in Christ answer the call to action. May we engage our society and change the culture of America. Let us pray that new life would be breathed into the souls of God’s people. May we be energized to follow the example of Billy Graham and take the Gospel to all the world. May we stand in the gap for our nation. This is a sad day. But, our mourning can be turned to joy, if we do not allow the legacy of Billy Graham to die. Dear Christian, keep the flame burning. Share the love of Jesus with someone today!


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