4 things every leader must do

Being in a position of leadership is never easy. There are always things to deal with. There are difficult decisions to make, there are distractions, there is difficulty in communication, and the list goes on and on. As a leader, I realize there are several things that I need to work that every leader should work on as well

Get up early to pray.

It has been my custom to have my prayer and personal study time during the first hour at the office. However, more times than not it is met with distractions. There are projects to work on, people to meet with, appointments to make, etc. Therefore, I should get up a little earlier and have my prayer time before I go to the office. Prayer is a must for anyone in leadership. You cannot be successful in what you do if you do not pray. The greater the responsibility the greater the need to pray

View people as opportunities and not as distractions.

It is easy to get caught up in the tasks of the day and get frustration when someone interrupts you. However, a good leader will drop what he or she is doing and will listen to people. As leaders, we must give those we lead our time. As a pastor, it is easy to be so focused on the big picture that we miss the people. It is easy to focus on the vision and miss seeing the people for who they are and the needs they have in the moment. Every interruption is an opportunity to encourage someone. People are opportunities, not distractions

Do what is right, not what is popular.

The temptation for every leader is to try to be people-pleasers. However, leadership requires making tough decisions. You may be all alone and have no one backing you. But, popularity will get you nowhere. Do what is right, not matter the cost


Adam’s biggest mistake was not cultivating his garden. He did not take care of his home, and as a result, sin broke through the door. Leaders must keep the weeds out of their lives and the organizations that they lead. This requires confession of sin and practicing accountability.

There are many other leadership principles that we can consider. However, these four are ones that I have been most convicted of. May God help us to be good leaders.

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