The Flood – Genesis 7

In Genesis seven, we have the historical account of the great flood. We can spend much time examining the facts surrounding the flood and the insurmountable amount of evidence for the Biblical flood. However, our purpose here is to focus more on the spiritual applications that we learn from the flood, rather, than the historical facts concerning the flood. As we examine Genesis seven, we find three basic actions of Noah: preparing, waiting, and watching. Noah was anticipating a great move of God. He was about to witness the hand of God at work in a mighty way. Today, you and I may long to see God work. As we see the state of our society we are full aware of the need for a mighty move of God. We can learn from the Biblical account of the flood certain truths concerning the mighty work of God.

Preparing for God to act (v. 1-9). God instructed Noah to bring the animals into the ark along with all of the supplies that they would need. Basically, Noah believed God and was expecting God to do what He said He would do. Therefore, in obedience to God, Noah was preparing. Think about it. Are you preparing for God to act? If you expect God to do great things in your life, then you must prepare. This is one of the many purposes of the church. The church is here to help prepare you to be used by God in amazing ways. As a church, we do what we do behind the scenes because we believe God will do great things. When you study scripture, it is interesting to see how that every time God is about to do something big, there is always a time of preparation. The question is whether or not you make the most of that preparation time. When God moves, you don’t want to be caught off guard. You need to be ready and expecting.

Waiting for God to act (v. 10). While Noah was preparing, he was also waiting. One of the hardest things to do is to wait. However, God does not work on our timetable. God works when He wants, how He wants, and where He wants. I am sure there was a sense of nervousness with Noah as he experienced the calm before the storm. Waiting is not easy. As we wait, we are often tempted with getting ahead of God. We get tired of waiting, so we take matters in our own hands. My friends, attempting to play God is never a good thing. We need to learn to let God do His thing in His way. The less we do ourselves and the more we wait, the greater the outcome.

Watching God act (v. 10-24). In these verses, we see the awesome and amazing power of God. Sometimes it is good to just sit back and watch. I have been in situations before where God moved in and took control. In moments like that, there is nothing you can say or do. All you can do is just sit back and watch God work. This is what we desperately need in the church today. We need God to act. We need God to work and move in such powerful ways that it literally leaves us speechless.

God desires to send a flood of blessings in your life. God desires to do a work in you and through you that is beyond you. Are you prepared? Are you waiting? Are you watching?

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