My Record is True – John 8:13-30

If you had to stand before a jury and give a record of your life, what would your record reveal? The record of Jesus is true. It speaks for itself. If you know Jesus as your Savior, then the record of your life is the same as Jesus. In this passage, Jesus is explaining to the Pharisees who He is. In giving this explanation, Jesus reveals three things about Himself that is also true of everyone who places their faith in Jesus.

God is His Father (v. 18-19). Jesus makes it very clear who He belongs to. His Father is the God of the universe. His Father is the one who sits on the throne of heaven. It is because of the fact that God is His Father and that He was sent by God, that He has the authority to do the things that He has done and to say the things that He has said. In addition to this, Jesus had mentioned before that He and the Father are one. Jesus had the authority to do what He did because He is, in fact, God.

Just as God is Jesus’ Father, God is also our Father, if we have believed on the Lord Jesus. Through a relationship with Jesus, you and I are children of God. Look at Romans 8:14-17. When you by faith accept God’s gift of grace and receive Jesus as your Savior, you are adopted into the family of God. There is no greater display of love than that of adoption. As sinners, you and I are completely separated from God. Some will say that all people are children of God. Such a statement is totally false. Only those who repent and believe on the Lord Jesus are adopted into God’s family and, thus, called a child of God. Before we are adopted we are enemies of God. We do not have any right to anything from God. However, when you do come to faith in the Lord Jesus and are adopted into God’s family, all of the rights and privileges that a first-born son has is now rewarded to you. Therefore, everything that Jesus has and is as the son of God, we are too. Do we deserve this? No. Have we earned it? No. Adoption is taking someone into your own family and giving them full family privileges without any expectation of payment or gain. This is grace! What a wonderful thing to know that I have been adopted into the family of God!

Heaven is His Home (v. 21-23). Jesus mentions that He is not of this world. His home is from above. In other words, His home is heaven. Jesus humbled Himself and came down from heaven to earth for the sole purpose of delivering man from the curse of sin. Jesus is the one who is now sitting on the right hand of the Father on the throne of heaven. He is the King of heaven. When Jesus came to earth in the flesh we see heaven coming to earth.

As joint-heirs with Jesus Christ who has been adopted into the family of God, heaven is also our home. Many people today are proud of their home and where they are from. I am very proud of the fact that I am from Alabama. I am very proud of my family. I am very proud of the house we live in. We have been very blessed. Sometimes we brag about where we live and we like to describe it to others. However, where we are living now is just a temporary dwelling. Our home consists of beautiful and large mansions surrounded by a perfect paradise of lush vegetation. Our home consists of golden streets and riches beyond anything you can imagine. In our home there is no death, sorrow, sickness, and sin. In our home, everyone lives life abundantly forever and ever. In our home, there is a throne and seated on the throne is the very one who humbled Himself and became one of us and by His blood provided a way for us to live in that wonderful place. In our home, we are surrounded by angelic beings. In our home, we are in the presence of God for eternity. Child of God, stop worrying about life on this earth. Stop storing up materials from this world. Start investing in the place where you will spend eternity. This world is not our home. Heaven is our home. Start living as if you are already there!

The glory of God is His goal (v. 29). Jesus says that He does the things that pleases the Father. In other words, His goal is to bring glory to God. This is what we refer to as the doxological purpose of God. It is God’s purpose in everything that He is glorified.

Just as Jesus had as His goal to glorify God, our goal in life is also to glorify Him. Our purpose for living is to glorify God in all that we do. In other words, while we are still on this earth, our purpose for living is to please our heavenly Father. How do we do this? By living in obedience to His Word and by bringing people to Jesus. We glorify God by serving Him. We glorify God by involving ourselves in efforts to bring people to Jesus. We glorify God by living a life of obedience. What are you living for? Is the glory of God the goal of your life?

In verse 24, Jesus mentions that there are those who will die in their sins. To die in your sins is to leave this world apart from Christ, and thus, spend an eternity in hell. However, those who believe on the Lord Jesus are adopted into the family of God and they can call God their Father, Heaven home, and the glory of God their goal. What about you? Have you believed on the Lord Jesus? Do not die in your sins, come to Jesus and be set free!

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