The eyes of Jesus – John 6:1-14

As mentioned before, the Gospel of John is the most theological of the four gospels. The purpose of this gospel is to introduce Jesus. Everything in the Gospel of John serves as an explanation of who Jesus is. The Gospel of John also gives us a look into the character of Jesus. Such is the case with our text at hand. In the account of the feeding of the 5,000, we see a glimpse into the eyes of Jesus. The eyes communicate more than we often realize. A lot can be said by a simple look. Looking into someone’s eyes is a key component for proper communication. The eyes are a window of the soul. Here in our text, we have a rare look into the eyes of Jesus. As we look into the eyes of our Savior we learn some amazing truths about Himself that serves as a pattern for our lives today.

Eyes of Compassion (v. 1-5). Jesus is being followed by a great multitude of people. I do not believe that these people are following Him out of obedience, rather, they are following Him out of curiosity. They have seen Jesus perform many amazing miracles and Jesus has become a very famous character. As a result, everywhere Jesus goes there is a crowd following, waiting to see what miraculous thing He might do next. On this particular occasion, Jesus sees the crowd following Him and is concerned for their well-being. He asked one of His disciples if there was food available so they might feed the people. Here we see the compassion of Jesus. He is always looking at the needs and concerns of others. He is selfless and is full of love and compassion. As you look deep into the eyes of Jesus, you see His compassion for you. He cares about you. He is concerned about every area of your life, even your greatest struggles. What about you and me? Are we people of compassion? Do our eyes reveal that we care? Someone with eyes of compassion is a person who prays, listens, and acts. If you are a compassionate person, you will not just tell people you are praying for them and then go on your merry way. Instead, you will literally pray for them and with them. You will stop what you are doing and in that moment, you will pray for them. A person of compassion is one who listens. It is someone who pays attention to the concerns and cares of others. A person of compassion is also one who acts. They do not just pray and listen, but they do tangible things to show people that they genuinely care. This is how Jesus lived, and you could see it in His eyes.

Eyes of Perspective (v. 6-10). When Jesus hears that there is a small amount of food available, He tells his disciples to make everyone sit down. Jesus had a way of doing great things with small stuff. He had perspective. He saw things that others could not see. His take on things was far different than those around Him. He did not see things as men sees things, He saw things as God saw them. This should be the goal for all of us as believers. We should strive to see through the eyes of God. To see what God sees. How do you view your relationships? How do you view your finances? How do you view the lost world around you? How do you view your family? How do you view the church? Many of the problems for us as believers is that we have a worldly vision and mindset. This will often spill over into the church. Instead of having a spiritual and Godly perspective, we look at things from a secular point of view. This affects the way we look at our purpose, our ministry, missions, finances, decision making, and so on. Jesus did not see the limitations of five loafs of bread and two fish, He saw the potential for a miracle. You and I must learn to look beyond the reality of what man can do and see what God can do. What do you see for the life of your family? What do you see for the life of your church? Do you see smallness, inabilities, and insecurities? Or, do you see the possibilities and the potential for greatness?

Eyes of Determination (v. 10-11). Jesus did not wait for the disciples to go to the local manna drive-in to buy food. He saw a problem that needed to be addressed and He did something about it. He was determined to provide food for 5,000 people with just five loaves and two fish. How determined are you to see all your family come to know the Lord? How determined are you to raise your children to be Godly young men and women? How determined are you to see the church grow and thrive, making a lasting impact on your community? How determined are you to grow in your walk with God? Without determination, nothing can be done. All great successes, came from men and women who were determined to get the job done. An interesting side note we see here is that the miracle came after the giving of thanks. It was not until Jesus expected the miracle that the miracle came. Jesus gave praise and thanksgiving for the outcome before the outcome came. As believers, we should be so determined to see God work in miraculous ways that we praise God for what He is about to do, long before we see any results. This is the mark of someone with eyes of determination.

Eyes of Opportunity (v. 12-13). After everyone had their fill, Jesus told the disciples to gather up the left-overs. Jesus never wasted anything. He used everything at His disposal for the glory of God and the furtherance of the Gospel. Many times we miss out on seeing God do great things because we are not looking for the opportunity. There are opportunities all around you. Open your eyes and see the potential. Open your eyes and see the possibilities. Seize every moment to make an impact on this world for the cause of Christ. Don’t throw away the left-overs. You see, you may feel like your just the left-overs. You may feel that God cannot use you. Let me tell you something, as long as you are still breathing, there are opportunities for you to do great things for the Kingdom of God. There is not a single believer on the face of this planet that God does not desire to use in a miraculous way. God has a plan for your life that is beyond anything you can imagine. Don’t throw away the left-overs, take every opportunity that God makes available to you to make a difference in this world for His glory.

There are many things we can learn as we look into the eyes of Jesus. What do your eyes reveal about you? Do you have eyes of compassion, perspective, determination, and opportunity?


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