My Sabbath Hour

When we think of the ‘Sabbath’, we think of a day that we set aside to spend time with God in worship and in the study of His Word. God gave us the command to ‘remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy’. Our ‘Sabbath’ day is typically and traditionally on Sunday. This is the first day of the week. Sunday is the day that our Lord was resurrected. All believers in Christ should set aside Sunday as the day to go to church and worship with other believers. I am afraid that we are not keeping Sunday holy like we should. Too often we put other worldly things into our day on Sunday. The Lord’s Day should be a time that we set aside for worship, Bible study, prayer, and meditation. When we fill our Sunday’s with sports, games, yard work, etc. we lose our focus on what Sunday is all about.

Not only should we as believers keep the Sabbath day, but I also believe that every believer should have a ‘Sabbath hour’.We should all have one hour of every day that we set aside for personal prayer, Bible study, and meditation. I personally like to have this time in the morning hours. Having a Sabbath hour every morning will help you to start your day with the right focus. Here are some suggestions on how to have a Sabbath hour:

1. Pick a designated time and place for every day.

2. Put that time in your day planner so that it is a part of your daily routine.

3. Begin your Sabbath hour with a period of meditation (5 to 10 mins.) (quiet your heart and mind and just relax and be still)

4. Continue with prayer (begin your prayer time with praise to God)

5. Read and Study the Bible (have a regular Bible reading plan and as you read, ask yourself these questions: What is God saying to me today? Is there a direct command that I need to obey today? What principles have I learned that I should apply to my life today?

6. Pray again. (close your Bible study time with prayer)

7. Finish with meditation. (before you leave your Sabbath hour, close your eyes and be still and wait)

These steps may not be perfect, but it is a start. The point is, have a Sabbath hour. Spend time alone with God every day.

In addition to keeping the Sabbath day (Sunday) and having a daily Sabbath hour, I would also encourage you to have a yearly Sabbath retreat. Take a day or two where you get away from the cares of life and family and stay in a remote cabin or in a tent where there is no television or internet access. Perhaps a Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. Take this time as a special time with just you and God. Have your Bible, notebook, and pen. (no computer, as electronics can be too distracting) During this time, intercede on behalf of your family, your job, and your ministry. Seek God’s plan for you this year. Be still and listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

If every believer in America kept the Sabbath day holy, engaged in a daily Sabbath hour, and took a yearly Sabbath retreat, imagine what God would do!

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