Using your spiritual gifts – Part Five

Using Your Spiritual Gifts
Week Five (p. 63-74)


The service of the lowliest servant is very important. The gifts that we may think are least important are found to be most important.

I.                    Putting the gifts into perspective

(Romans 11:33-36) – “It is important to keep in mind the depths ‘of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God’ when we reflect on whatever particular gift He has given to us.”

(Romans 12:1-2) – “We must surrender ourselves to Him and His service before we can confidently know how He has gifted us. We cannot look at our giftedness through the eyes of the world, for the world will only value those things that draw attention to us.”

(Romans 12:3) – “With certain gifts comes the danger of spiritual pride.”

“We did nothing to earn it, and we cannot take credit for it.”

Along with our spiritual gift, we are also given the ability to trust God as He uses us in our area of service.

II.                  The gift of service

Service = diakonia = Deacon

“This gift is administered primarily through meeting physical needs, not spiritual ones. But the use of the gift of service makes it possible to meet spiritual needs.”

(Luke 10:38-42) – Martha was not wrong to serve but was wrong to judge others based on her gift. She also let her serving interfere with listening to the words of Jesus.

(Acts 6:1-4) – The service of these men, makes it possible for the leaders to devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word.

(Acts 9:36 & 39) – No job is too small! “As a believer she took the skills that she had and put them to use in serving others by meeting practical needs.”

(1 Peter 4:11) – We are to use the gift of serving with the ability that God has given to us.

*The gift of service meets spiritual needs by meeting practical needs.

III. The gift of giving

*Giving is to communicate or impart or share one’s own possessions.

(Luke 3:11) – Those with a surplus are to share with those who have none.

(Ephesians 4:28)  – Do what is beneficial to others. Work hard so you can give.

(Matthew 6:1-4) – “When we give, we are not to draw attention to our giving, or else the attention we get will be our only reward. God must be the audience of this gift. He is the one to be pleased by it.

IV.                The gift of mercy

*Mercy is an inner emotion leading to outward manifestations of pity. The general meaning is to have compassion or mercy on a person experiencing undesirable circumstances.

“A person endowed with the gift of mercy is moved to do something about the misery of others (cards, notes, hugs, tears, and so forth)”

(Romans 12:8) – Show mercy with cheerfulness.

“We are not merely to empathize, but we are also to encourage.”

(Titus 3:5) – Salvation is based on God’s mercy.

“One of the fundamental attributes of mercy is that it does not try to assess guilt or responsibility for the misfortunes in which people find themselves. If mercy must be earned or deserved, then it is not really mercy at all.”

V.                  For me to follow God

(Romans 12:1-2) – Have I surrendered my life to God?

Small Group Discussion

  1. Do you have the gift of serving, mercy, and/or giving?
  2. If so, how can you use those gifts in the work of this church?
  3. Have you surrendered yourself to the Lord completely to be used however He desires?
  4. Would you truly do whatever God asks of you to do?

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