Summary of Dr. Thomas L. Constable’s Notes on Romans p. 125-142

Pages 125-142 of Dr. Constable’s notes on Romans give commentary on Romans chapters 10 and 11. These chapters deal with God’s dealings with Israel in the present and in the future. Verses 1-7 give the reason why God has temporarily set Israel aside. It is noted that Israel as a nation had great zeal for God. However, they lacked the knowledge that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. The simple reason as to why God is not currently working in and through Israel is because of their rejection of Jesus. The Jews could not understand that Christ has fulfilled the law and the law is not a means for salvation.
In verses 8-15 of chapter ten, we see the remedy for rejection. The only remedy is belief in Jesus. This is a belief that comes from the heart and is confessed openly and unashamedly with the mouth. Dr. Constable suggests that belief in what Christ did on the cross is the only thing necessary for salvation. He believes that it is not necessary to believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus in order to be saved. This view, however, is not one that I would hold to. Personally, I believe that one must believe that Jesus rose again in order to truly be saved. “These things are written that you may know that you have eternal life…” The ‘things that are written’ includes all of the Gospel . The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus rose from the grave. You cannot be saved unless you believe what is written concerning Jesus completely.
Romans 10:16-21 talks about the continuing unbelief of Israel. Most Jews have not come to faith in Christ. However, there is a remnant of believing Jews. Israel not only has the testimony of creation but also the special revelation of God in the scriptures. Their unbelief comes from their own sin and their own hearts.
Chapter 11 of Romans teaches concerning Israel’s future salvation. God has a future for ethnic Israel. There will come a time in which God will once again deal with Israel as a nation and He will fulfill all that He has promised to Israel. It must be understood that Israel is not the church and the church is not Israel. God does have a specific and unique plan for His chosen people of Israel. At this point in history, the nation has been ‘cut off’. However, one day, the nation of Israel will be restored fully and will experience the blessings of God promised to them.

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