Summary of the Bible Knowledge Commentary on Romans p. 460-476

          In this section of the Bible Knowledge Commentary on Romans we find how that God’s righteousness is revealed in sanctification. This truth is discovered in Romans 6-8. The author proceeds with a basic outline of these chapters and comments on each verse.

 In 6:1-4 we see the ground for sanctification. Paul shares how we are dead to sin. Just because we have been given God’s grace, does not mean that we have a license to sin. In 6:5-23 we have the attitudes for sanctification. There are three attitudes given. First, we see that we are to ‘reckon.’ To ‘reckon’ is to keep on counting on. In other words, we are to continually count on the fact that we are dead to sin, therefore we should no longer live in sin. Secondly, we have the word, ‘yield.’ The point here is that when sin reigns in us, we obey its evil desires. Therefore, we must yield ourselves to Christ. We must submit to Jesus in order that we can overcome those evil desires. Who you yield to determines how you will live. If you yield to temptation, you will live in sin. If you yield to Christ, you can live in holiness. The third attitude for sanctification is to ‘serve.’ It must be understood that who you yield to is who you will serve. If you yield to sin, you will be a slave to sin. If you yield to Christ, you will be a slave to Christ and will serve Him.

In Romans chapter 7 we have the conflict in sanctification. In 7:1-6, Paul deals with the believer and the law. The purpose of the law is to reveal to us the exceeding sinfulness of sin and our need for a savior. In 7:7-13 we see how the law and sin relates. The law is not sinful. The law is perfectly holy and right. However, the law does tend to cause people to follow their sinful flesh due to the specific commands that it gives. The sin nature within us naturally rebels against any law. This is not the fault of the law, but of the individual who submits to their sin nature. In 7:14-25, Paul speaks of the believer and sin. Even though we have been justified by faith, we still struggle with sin. We will not be completely free from this constant battle with sin until we are glorified.

Romans chapter eight is one of the most beautiful passages in all the Word of God for the believer. It deals with the power for sanctification in 8:1-17. As believers, we are not condemned! We have been declared righteous! This power to live a life pleasing to God comes through the indwelling Holy Spirit. As we are filled with the Spirit, we are thus able to overcome the snare of sin. In 8:18-27 we see the goal of sanctification. The ultimate goal of this progressive sanctification process is that we would be glorified with Christ. We are currently sharing in the sufferings of Christ as we are being sanctified, but one day, we will share in His glory! Romans 8:28-39 gives us the certainty of sanctification. This is the greatest passage on eternal security. Absolutely nothing in all of creation can thwart God’s purpose for believers in Christ! Once you have been justified, it is a done deal! Nothing can separate you from God!

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