Precious Memories

        Today, my heart is saddened by the loss of my Great Grandmother, Maw Maw Kat. I am saddened due to the personal loss and the loss of past times that can only be relived in a memory. However, my heart rejoices knowing that Maw Maw Kat has joined with Maw Maw Peggy and many others who have gone on before us. I rejoice in the fact that she is in the very presence of Jesus! Anytime you lose a loved one, there is an element of sadness mixed with a little jealousy. Personally, I am looking forward to the day when I too am with the Lord. But, there is still work to do and life on this earth goes on until our time comes. This hope that I have and most of my family has is possible because of the blood of Jesus. All those who trust in Jesus has this hope, this expectation, that one day we will be with Jesus and be reunited with those who are already with Him. What a glorious hope!

        In the meantime, there are those precious memories that we can relive in our thoughts. I remember living across the street from Maw Maw Kat and going to her house for some of her famous homemade rolls and cream corn. I remember her expertise in the game of rook and how sometimes I think she mastered the craft of cheating to win. I also remember the laughter at family get togethers. That laugh can never be forgotten. I remember the times of heartache and her comforting words and look. Most of all, I remember her faith. I remember going to her door and seeing her reading her Bible. She certianly loved her Savior and now she is with Him! Those precious memories may fade over time, but a life of faith in God will last for eternity. As I reflect on a life that was dear to me, let me encourage you to trust in Jesus. When all is said and done, it will not matter how good of a life you lived or the memories you leave behind, the only thing that will matter is what you have done about Jesus. Do you know where you will go when you leave this world?

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