The state of Maine has a choice to make on November 6th. A question will be on our ballots asking us to redefine marriage to allow same-sex couples to be married. As a born-again Christian who stands for the truth of God’s Word, there is no question as to my personal view on the issue of homosexuality. We all know that the Bible teaches that such relationships are sinful. However, sin is sin, period. Homosexual acts are just as sinful as telling a lie. The truth is, we are all sinners. Therefore, as a Christian, I cannot judge the homosexuals for what they do. That judgment is up to God. If a homosexual came to visit our church they will be treated just like any other person, because we are all in the same boat, human beings born with a sin nature. The Bible teaches us that we are to ‘love our neighbor’. Our ‘neighbors’ includes everybody that we come into contact with.

The issue facing our state and our nation is not an issue of judgment on sin or equal rights. The issue is much deeper than that. You see, the Word of God is the final authority in all matters of life. Technically, we should not be choosing whether or not to allow same-sex marriage, because the choice is not up to us. The answer is given to us in the Bible. God is the one who defined marriage all they way at the beginning of time. In the garden of Eden, God placed a man and a woman. That man and woman was united in marriage for the purpose of bringing glory to God and to be a lasting example of God’s love toward us. The government, nor anyone else, has any right to change what God has already said.

If same-sex marriage is allowed in our state, it will bring major consequences. Consider what ‘Protect Marriage Maine’ says:

“Children will pay a severe price-with life-long consequences-if marriage in Maine is redefined. We know from painful experience what denying a child a father or a mother does to that child. Social science provides clear evidence that children raised outside of intact families experience a wide range of problems that limit their prospects for long-term success. They are more likely to grow up in poverty and have increased juvenile delinquency. They are also more likely to have higher incidence of drug use, increased risk of teen pregnancy, higher dropout rates, lower educational attainment, poorer physical and emotional health, etc.

Unfortunately, children will not have to wait years to see the negative consequences of redefining marriage. They will start to see it immediately in school, just as kids in Massachusetts did when marriage was redefined there. Imagine the confusion a child will experience-told at home and in church that marriage is between a man and a woman, but taught at school that such views amount to bigotry and discrimination.

Churches and pastors will also face direct consequences if marriage is redefined. The word of God will be considered outright bigotry-which is what a federal judge in California ruled when he declared that marriage was unconstitutional. Churches that provide facilities for weddings will be told to provide them for same-sex weddings as well. That is exactly what happened in New Jersey, where a Methodist church group lost part of its tax exemption for refusing to make its facilities available for a same-sex commitment ceremony.

In Europe and Canada, pastors have been brought up on charges of “hate speech” simply for preaching about the true nature of marriage. That may sound unlikely today, but redefining marriage will directly lead to a loss of religious freedom.

When marriage no longer has its historic meaning and understanding, over time fewer and fewer people will marry. There will be an increase in children born out of wedlock, an increase in single parent homes, and higher rates of all the societal problems associated with children being raised in a home without their married parents.

A new, redefined version of marriage would be the only legally recognized definition of marriage in Maine. Citizens, small businesses and religious organizations would not be allowed to let their beliefs and traditions determine their decisions, and they would find themselves in legal trouble if they do not comply with the new law’s heavy-handed mandates. Those who do not agree with the law will be treated as racists and bigots and punished accordingly. Examples where this is already occurring include:

  • Religious groups like Catholic Charities in Boston and Washington DC have had to choose between fulfilling their social mission based on their religious beliefs, or acquiescing to this new definition of marriage. They have, for example, been forced to close their charitable adoption agencies.
  • Nonprofit groups are faced with abandoning their historic mission principles in order to maintain governmental contracts (for things like low-income housing, health clinics, etc.) In Massachusetts, kids as young as second grade were taught about gay marriage in class. The courts ruled that parents had no right to prior notice, or to opt their children out of such instruction.
  • Wedding professionals have been fined for refusing to participate in a same-sex ceremony.
  • Christian innkeepers in Vermont and Illinois are being sued over their refusal to make their facilities available for same-sex weddings despite offers to refer the couples to other providers and in spite of the deeply-held religious views of the inn-keepers.

Ultimately, we as a society all suffer when we fail to nourish and cultivate a marriage culture founded on the truth experienced by virtually every civilization since the dawn of time-marriage is the union of one man and one woman.”

Unfortunately, the other side has resorted to very deceptive tactics to try to push their intolerant agenda against people of faith. My wife has received multiple letters in the mail from so-called ‘Christians’ endorsing same-sex marriage. The odd thing is that each of the letters are very similar and are written on the exact same stationary. One letter was from a ‘Christian’ mother while another one was from a pastor. In both letters they twist scripture to make their point. The other side also uses the term ‘family’. They say, “Marriage is for all families.” However, same-sex couples are not a ‘family.’

When go to vote on November 6th, you need to understand that you are not voting for or against homosexuals. You are voting on whether or not you believe the Bible. If you believe the Bible, you cannot vote ‘yes.’ It all boils down to what you believe. You cannot be a Christian unless you believe the Bible to be the complete Word of God. You cannot believe the Bible to be the complete Word of God and support same-sex marriage. I do not see how anybody can be a true ‘Christian’ and support same-sex marriage, it’s impossible. Jesus said, “You are either with me or against me.” Are you with Jesus? Will you stand for the truth? Do you really believe what God’s Word says?

Join me and thousands of other believers on election day and VOTE ‘NO’ ON QUESTION 1.

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