Always Ready – Part 2

Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen’s continues directions for defending the faith by focusing on the presuppositional approach to knowledge. Dr. Bahnsen refuted the objections to such a view and gave validity to the presuppositional view.

One of those objections to presuppositionalism is that it amounts to arrogance and intellectual pride. This objection criticizes the abandonment of scholarly neutrality. However, the abandonment of neutrality is not arrogant or prideful. A clear study of Proverbs 15:32-33 proves this point. According to scripture, the believer must be bold in his challenge to unbelievers. We cannot ‘refuse’ the correction of God’s Word. For Christians to compromise with unbelieving standards or methods in the academic world, to be neutral in the pursuit of knowledge, is to do a great disservice to the unbelieving heart. The bottom line is that the correction and reproof of scripture cannot be watered down. This presuppositional approach is not prideful because the presuppositionalist acknowledges the fact that all wisdom comes from God. The truth that has been revealed to the believer through the light of the Gospel comes only by the grace of God. In order for the unbeliever to attain true knowledge, he must be regenerated and come to the light of the glorious Gospel, then, he too will base all knowledge upon the foundation of God’s Word.

The presuppositonal view proposes the absolute requirement of God’s revealed truth as the foundation of all knowledge. However, another objection to this view is that it would reduce the unbeliever to stupidity. Again, this is a false accusation on the presuppositional view. The fact is that unbelievers have made huge contributions in many fields of study. However, the knowledge that they have was given to them by their Creator whether they acknowledge His Lordship or not. Even though some may deny even the existence of God, they cannot escape their knowledge of Him. If the unbeliever were an idiot, then there would be an excuse for this sin. However, the book of Romans clearly tells us that man is without excuse because of their innate knowledge of God and the testimony of creation.

A final objection to the presuppositional view noted by Dr. Bahnsen is that it precludes meaningful discussion and successful arguments with non-Christians. This again is totally untrue. You cannot approach an unbeliever on neutral ground. “Do not answer a fool according to his folly.” There is not neutral ground between the believer and unbeliever. There is no middle ground between rebellion and obedience. “No man can serve two masters.” “He that is not with me is against me.” Basically, in God’s world, neutrality is impossible. As Christians, we need to understand that Christ is Lord, even in the world of thought. The starting point for understanding all studies including science, mathematics, chemical compositions, etc. is not neutrality but the ‘fear of the Lord.’ However, there is somewhat of a ‘common ground’ between the believer and the unbeliever and that is the fact that we are all created in the image of God and we are all accountable to Him.

As we can see; any objections to the Biblical presuppositional approach in the world of knowledge is easily refuted. As Christians, we must ever be mindful to avoid neutrality and to understand that all knowledge and wisdom is found in Christ.

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