Where are all the ‘fundamentalist’?

I am not studied up on all the history of various movements in Christianity today. I have been called a ‘fundamentalist’ though I do not personally claim to be one. If a ‘fundamentalist’ is simply one who holds to the fundamentals of the faith and who takes a strong stance on the authority of scripture, then yes, I may be called a ‘fundamentalist’. But fundamentalism today is headed down a very dark road and may be at a crossroads. That is why I will tell people that I am ‘fundamental’ but not a ‘fundamentalist.’ It is interesting how ‘fundamentalist’ will take a strong stand for the truth and are very outspoken but when comes to standing up against one of their own who has clearly gone outside of God’s Word they are nowhere to be found. As a result, this gives fundamentalist a bad name and even brings harm to the cause of Christ. I am sure you have heard of the comments made in a sermon by a pastor in North Carolina concerning homosexuality. If you have not, here is part of the story from the website News for Christians: “A video showing a North Carolina pastor calling for gays and lesbians to be placed within an eclectic fence and fed until they die out has gone viral and is drawing criticism from Christian pastors who insist that it stands contradictory to the message of love Jesus preached…..The sermon in question was preached on May 13, following President Barack Obama’s historic announcement that he supports same-sex couples getting married. Worley told his congregation he was disappointed by Obama’s position and said the Bible is against homosexuality. He then stated, “I figured a way out, a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers, but I couldn’t get it past the Congress.”Build a great big, large fence – 50 or 100 miles long – put all the lesbians in there. Fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals, and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. Feed them. And you know what? In a few years, they’ll die out. Do you know why? They can’t reproduce,” he continued, as shown in a video which has drawn more than 500,000 views on YouTube as of Wednesday morning. Now, we need to understand that homosexuality is sin. It is an abomination to God. We as Christians need to stand against the gay marriage movement in our nation. But, statements like this does not help our cause nor does he help the cause of Christ. In response to support of this pastor by some ‘fundamental’ preachers on facebook, I commented that this Pastor was right to preach against homosexuality but we all need to remember to preach the truth in love. I also mentioned how we need to simply preach the Bible and not go beyond what the Bible says as this Pastor in North Carolina did. As a result of my comment, I was surprised at the ridicule that came from these preachers. One even said that he looked up my sermons online and told me that I did not preach the Bible and that my interpretation of scripture was wrong. Instead of sticking to the Bible and preaching the truth, many ‘fundamentalist’ are rallying behind this man who made these very sickening comments. Not once in his sermon did he mention the need to share the Gospel, He just said we should let them die off. Is this what the Bible says? Are you to round up sinners and put them in a fence til they die? Is this what ‘fundamentalism’ is about? Now, I am not condemning those who claim to be a part of the ‘fundamentalist’ movement. But my encouragement to those who identify themselves as such is to take a stand for truth. So far, I have not heard of one ‘fundamentalist’ who has spoken out against the comments of this man. So far, they have rallied around him and defend him. What he said was wrong. Yes, homosexuality is sin, but sin is sin. Are we going to put all the men who have had lustful thoughts in a fence til they die too? God forbid. We are called to preach the Gospel, to give people the love of Jesus, including and especially to homosexuals. I would like to see some God-fearing, God-honoring, men of God in the ‘fundamentalist’ movement to publically speak out against such statements and stand for the truth. The cause of defending marriage, the right to life, the freedom of worship, (and the list goes on) is too great during these crucial hours in our nation for us to have the entire cause of Christ hindered by comments like what this pastor made. Instead, we need a call to repentance amongst God’s people. We need a revival in the church. Until we get right with God, then how will the nation ever get right. Repentance and Revial in the church should be our focus not attacking lost people who do not know anything other than sin because that have yet to be freed from sin! So, where are you? Are there any ‘fundamentalist’ that will speak out against language like what we heard from this pastor in North Carolina. Are there any ‘fundamentalist’ who will stand for the Bible, and Truth, and Love?

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