The Great Flood

The great flood as recorded in scripture has been under scrutiny for many years. Some will say that the flood was just a local flood; others will say that the flood never even happened. However, the proof for the flood is overwhelming especially in the science of geology. A careful study of rock layers and fossils show that at one time in earth’s history there was a catastrophic event that caused the entire earth to be covered with water. Fossils of marine animals have been found on some of the highest mountains in the world. Contrary to what many secular geologist would say; an in-depth study of the Grand Canyon reveals how the canyon was formed by a whole lot of water in a short period of time and not a little bit of water over a long period of time. When you examine the changes that have occurred as a result of other catastrophic events such as the eruption of Mount St. Helen, we find that a huge event such as a world-wide flood would drastically change the appearance of the earth in just a short period of time. Not only do we have the physical evidence for a world-wide flood, but we also have this historical account written in a book by God, the Bible. We must remember that the Bible is the final authority in all matters and if the Bible says there was a world-wide flood; then we can firmly, without any doubt, believe that there was indeed a world-wide flood.
There are several things to consider in our study of the great flood. First of all notice, the reason for the flood. The reason for the flood is described to us in the first seven verses of Genesis chapter six. In these verses, we find that with the population of the earth, sin also rapidly grew. It got to the point where God could only find one truly righteous man, Noah. Sin, of course, cannot be ignored. Because of God’s great love for mankind, He could not allow them to continue in sin. Therefore, God decided that He would judge the world for its sin and send a world-wide flood. Noah, found grace in the eyes of God and God decided to save Noah and his family along with two of every kind of land creature. The flood was God’s just judgment on sin. This judgment occurred because loved mankind and desired to purge the earth from sin and give mankind a second chance through Noah’s family. The reason for the flood is also the same reason for the cross. Jesus came down to this earth and died on the cross in order to pay the penalty of sin for us. He died because of your sin and my sin. It is interesting to see the parallel here. Just as God provided a way of salvation from His wrath in Noah’s day, God provides a way of salvation for us today through the cross of Jesus Christ.
A second thing to make note of is God’s instructions to Noah. We find the instructions that God gives to Noah in Genesis 6:13-21. There are two things that we learn from God’s instructions to Noah. The first lesson we learn is that God give precise instructions. God told Noah every detail. He told him what kind of wood to use, the exact dimensions for the ark, and even how to put it all together. He also gives Noah detailed instructions on bringing in two of every kind of animal and even the need for food both for his family and the animals. This detailed instruction given to Noah shows that God is very precise in His instructions to man. He has given us His word, the Bible, in order to reveal to us all that He desires that we know about Him. He has given us detailed information on everything from the creation of the world, the fall of man, the great flood, the scattering of peoples at the tower of Babel, the promise of a savior, the salvation provided through the cross, marriage and family, raising children, handling finances, all the way to what will happen in the future. God’s word has the answers to all the questions that we have about life. As a matter of fact, when you have a high view of scripture, you don’t need to look to outside sources. The Bible is really all we need. That brings us to the second thing that we learn from God’s instructions to Noah. God’s instructions to Noah are adequate instructions. In other words, Noah did not need any more information. God’s Word is adequate. If you want to know how to have a good marriage, look to God’s Word, it’s all you need. If you want to know how to raise godly children, look to God’s Word, it’s all you need. If you want to know how to handle your finances, look to God’s Word, it’s all you need. If you want to know your role in the church, look to God’s Word, it’s all you need. If you want to know the way of to heaven, look to God’s Word it’s all you need. If you want to know what will happen in the future, look to God’s Word, it’s all you need. God’s Word has the answers to every question. It provides comfort, hope, joy, and assurance. God’s Word is adequate, it is all we need!
A third thing we learn in this historical account of the great flood is Noah’s Obedience. Notice in verse 22 of chapter 6 that Noah did ‘according to all that God commanded him, so did he.’ How are we to respond to God’s Word? We respond to God’s Word through obedience. Notice how Noah never questioned what God was doing. He never doubted God; he simply did what God said. Any other response we have toward God’s Word, other than perfect obedience, is a sin against God. Sin is not just doing bad things. Sin is missing the mark. Our mark is the Word of God, the Bible. Anytime we do things the Bible tells us not to do, we have sinned. Anytime we don’t do things the Bible tells us to do, we have sinned. Today, many believers have fallen into the trap of questioning God’s Word and compromising on His Word. If we desire the Holy Spirit of God to move in our lives and in our church, we must respond to His Word in complete obedience without question and without compromise.
Another thing we see in the historical account of the great flood is the Coming into the ark. In chapter seven we see Noah, his family, and the animals coming into the ark. It is important to note that God told Noah to bring in every animal after its ‘kind’. This explains how Noah got all those animals in the ark, including the dinosaur ‘kind’. It has been discovered through modern scientific methods that living things contain huge genetic codes that allow them to reproduce and adapt in a way that can create many species. This is not evolving into higher forms of species, but changes and adaptations within a species. For example, all Noah need on the ark was a male cat and a female cat. The genetic codes in those cats contain all the information needed to produce every type of cat we see today. The same is true when it comes to dogs and horses, and all other animal ‘kinds’. It has even been discovered that human beings are capable of the same thing. This explains the various ‘races’ we have today as we all come from one common ancestor, Adam and Eve. Everything needed in order for life to continue and for the amazing variety of life and culture to be as we see it today was in the ark. There is a spiritual lesson that we learn here, however. For many years, while building the ark, Noah was preaching to the people of his day. He warned them about the coming flood and their need for repentance and turning to God. The ark was their way of salvation, all they needed to do was to believe and enter into the ark. Today, all we need to do is believe and enter into the saving grace of Jesus that was given to us at the cross. God is not asking you to do anything. He is not even asking you to do good deeds, He is just standing there with His arms stretched wide, compelling you to come in. The door to heaven is open, all you must do is believe and enter.
A final important fact to consider is the actual historical description of the flood. The scripture tells us in Genesis chapter seven that it rained upon the earth for forty days and nights. Not only was there constant torrential rainfall, but the fountains of the deep broke open. Imagine how catastrophic the flood was. Huge walls of water gushing out of the earth’s surface, massive amounts of rainfall all over the planet, so much that even the highest mountains were covered with water. This was an event unlike anything we have ever seen in our modern time. The flood carved out massive canyons within days. It changed the entire landscape of the earth. It carried huge layers of sediment all across the globe. Animal fossils were rapidly formed and placed all over the earth even on the highest of mountains. As a result of the flood, huge violent storms would sweep across the planet for years after the flood. High water temperatures caused massive hurricanes. As a result of the rise in water temperature the water evaporated quickly, cooling the atmosphere and causing huge snow storms that led to the ice age. From the time of the flood to perhaps even hundreds of years after, the earth was very unstable and it caused drastic changes to the earth, evidence of such changes can be seen to this day. What can we learn from all of this? We learn that when God gives us His Word, He means business. He does not do anything halfway. He goes all out in order to rid the world of sin so much so that He went all the way to the cross; giving His life so that sin can be paid for and mankind could have the hope of eternal life. I don’t know about you, but I am very thankful for the love of God. If God did not love mankind, He would have never sent the flood. If God did not love you and me, He would have never gone to the cross. Thank God for His great love!

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