Often times I am asked if it is wrong to participate in things such as Santa Clause, Christmas Trees, Exchanging Gifts, etc. To answer that question, we must look at the purpose and reason for this special time of year. Christmas is a time in which we set aside to celebrate the coming of our Savior to the world. Jesus, God Himself, left the wonders of heaven and humbled Himself and became a man. He was born of a virgin so that there would be no corruption from a sin nature, as sin is in the seed of man. He came for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to save the world from the penalty and bondage of sin. You see, we are all sinners and sin must be paid for. The only way sin can be paid for is through the shedding of blood. Jesus came to pay the ultimate and final sacrifice for our sin. All those who accept His gift of salvation will have their sins removed and will be given an eternal home in heaven. Three days after Jesus paid the price of sin on the cross; He rose from the grave, conquering death, hell, and the grave. This is why we celebrate Christmas. It is a time of great joy for all those who placed their faith and trust in Jesus. You see, if you have never given your life to Christ, then Christmas means nothing to you. All that we do at Christmas time is a part of our celebration for what Jesus did for us. It is a time of fun and laughter and great joy. If it were not for Jesus, there would be no Santa Clause, if it were not for Jesus there would be no Christmas trees, and if it were not for Jesus there would be no exchanging of gifts. We celebrate Christmas because of Jesus. My encouragement to you is to embrace all that Christmas is. Enjoy this special time with your family and friends as you worship the giver of Christmas, Jesus Christ. May we be ever mindful of what Jesus has given to us. If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, please, do so today so that you can truly celebrate Christmas!

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