Where I Stand: Technology in the Church and as a ministry tool

We live in a day when everyone uses technology. As a matter a fact, a few years ago I was reading an article about the internet. It was said that in that year (which I believe was 2008) that the high school graduating class was the first class to gorw up with internet in their home since their pre-school years. Most homes have multiple computers and televisions. These things, unfortunatley, are often times used for evil rather than for good. That is why parents should have good safeguards for the internet and the televison. However, these are tools that can be used for ministry. The use of technology is the language of today. In order to reach people for Christ, we must speak today’s language. There are some in churches that are opposed to the use of various media forms in a church service such as powerpoint presentations, videos, etc. Some say that using such things is worldly and that it has no place in the church. I must say that I strongly disagree with those notions. Every generation has used the tools and communications of their day in order to proclaim the gospel. As a church, instead of opposing the use of technology, we should embrace it. At the church where I pastor, we are a small church in a small fishing village in the midcoast area of Maine. Everything about our church reflects the classic small village church. This is something that we embrace and the we take pride in. However, even in a small fishing village most everyone has computers, cell phones, televisions, and the list goes on. When you walk into the doors of our small sanctuary you will find a screen displaying announcements, words to the songs we sing, and occasionally, power point sermon notes. You see, though we are a small village church, we still understand that in order to reach the world for Christ you must adapt to the society in which you live. This does not mean we become worldy or we involve ourselves in sin. It does mean, however, that we use every tool possible to present the gospel. We also have websites and blogs and facebook which has seen over 2,000 unique hits this year. Some that has found their way onto our websites come from various parts of the world. The influence of this small village church reaches the entire world, thanks to technology. When it comes to the use of technology in the church and in ministry, don’t fight it, its the world in which we live-it is the language of today. Use every tool possible to proclaim the gospel. We should thank God for the tools that He has given to us in order to speak today’s language. Don’t change your standards, don’t conform to the world, but embrace the Word of God and every means possible to procaim that word.

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