Peace for a Pastor

This morning I am sitting at my desk with the windows open as I meditate on the peace that I have in Jesus. As the wind blows lightly and the sounds of birds singing and fog horns are heard in the distance, I am reminded of the fact the God is in control. As a pastor, I understand what it is like to burdend. Often times the weight of the world is more than anyone can bear. Pastoring is like parenting. You desire the very best for your children. You strive to teach them and to train them. You try to show them the right way to live, however, they do not see. You know what is best for them, but they do not understand. Instead of listening and submitting, they rebel and complain and turn away. The church is often the same way. We are like children that do not understand. We are like teenagers who wants it our way and we rebel. We are like adults who think they have arrived and that they are above change. Yet, as pastors, God has not called us to please people. God has not called us to do whatever we can to make people happy. God has called us to be a shepherd. He has called us to preach the Word even when it hurts. God has called us to lead even if no one follows. Yes, it can be frustrating. Yes, there are disappointments. But, God is not looking for what we can accomplish, He is looking for our heart. God is not concerned over how much we get done, but with how we serve Him and having the right motives for serving Him. If you are a pastor I encourage you to listen. Hear the wind blow and the birds sing. Look at the world around you and realize that God is still in control. You may not be popular, but God is there. You may be talked about, but God is there. They may not listen, but God is there. They may not see, but God is there. He will give you a peace that is beyond anything you can imagine if you just get your eyes off the circumstances and your eyes on Him. So, don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. God is in control and He alone can give you peace.

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