Happiest States to Live In

I saw an article the other day that really caught my attention. It was a survey done throughtout America that revealed where the most happiest people live. I found that it is very interesting how the southern states seemed to find themselves near the top of the list mixed in with states that have a slower pace of life. It seems that those who live in areas that are slower paced and more family oriented are the happiest. It’s fun to look at these things, however, we all know that true happiness only comes in a relationship with Jesus and the happiest place to be would be our heavenly home. Here is a looks at how all the states ranked in happiness:

The results are based on an examination of two data sets, one that included personal reports of happiness for 1.3 million Americans and the other that included objective measures, such as how crowded that state is, air quality, home prices and other factors known to impact quality of life.

Here are the 50 U.S. states (and the District of Columbia) in order of their well-being:
1. Louisiana
2. Hawaii
3. Florida
4. Tennessee
5. Arizona
6. Mississippi
7. Montana
8. South Carolina
9. Alabama
10. Maine
11. Alaska
12. North Carolina
13. Wyoming
14. Idaho
15. South Dakota
16. Texas
17. Arkansas
18. Vermont
19. Georgia
20. Oklahoma
21. Colorado
22. Delaware
23. Utah
24. New Mexico
25. North Dakota
26. Minnesota
27. New Hampshire
28. Virginia
29. Wisconsin
30. Oregon
31. Iowa
32. Kansas
33. Nebraska
34. West Virginia
35. Kentucky
36. Washington
37. District of Columbia
38. Missouri
39. Nevada
40. Maryland
41. Pennsylvania
42. Rhode Island
43. Massachusetts
44. Ohio
45. Illinois
46. California
47. Indiana
48. Michigan
49. New Jersey
50. Connecticut
51. New York
The Story: Happiest States Revealed by New Research

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