I will serve

We live in a consumer based society where it is all about what I can get and how much I can get for myself. Unfortunately, this mentality has found its way in the church. We tend to think that the local church is there to serve us. However, this is not how God intended the church to be. The fourth characteristic of an outward focused Christian as mentioned by Thom Rainer is simply, ‘I will serve.’ The greatest example of servanthood is our Lord Jesus Christ. He never complained, He never sought to please Himself; He only gave of Himself for others. Rainer makes the following bold statements: “Hey church members, I know the world says put yourself first. Look after number one. But that’s not the way you are supposed to do it. Stop complaining about the music style and what you want. Stop demanding church leaders to do things the way you would like them to be. Stop trying to get your way in church business meetings. Instead, put others first. Put your desires last. Become a servant instead of a whiner and complainer.” Wow! Thom Rainer really let us have it! But, you know, he’s right. Imagine what God could do through a church full of servants rather than a people who are always bickering to get their own way. In his book, Thom challenges us to declare a 90 day challenge in the church where everyone commits to not complaining for 90 days. During those 90 days he suggest that we look for ways to serve rather than to be served. I believe that if churches across America committed to this challenge we would see revival sweep across our land as church goers discover what being the church is really all about. It is my desire that at Decherd First Baptist, we be a church that says ‘I will serve’ rather than ‘I want’. May God help us to be that kind of church. Will you join us in declaring, ‘I will serve.’

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