Summary of the Bible Knowledge Commentary on Romans p. 479-487

The commentary at hand takes us through Romans chapters 10-11. It begins with a look at God’s sovereign choice applied in 9:30-10:21. In 9:30-10:4 we see Israel’s stumbling. Jesus Christ is the ‘stumbling stone’ which did not conform to the expectations of the Jews. They rejected Jesus instead of responding to Him by faith. In 10:5-15 we are given God’s gracious offer. Here we see presented God’s offer of salvation in Christ and the provision of righteousness by faith. It is noted that the Gospel is the Word of faith which is available and accessible to all. In order for the truth of the Gospel to be actuated in one’s life, he or she must confess with their mouth and believe in their heart. This confession with the mouth is not necessarily a public confession, but a confession to God that you believe in your heart that Christ died for you and that God raised Him from the dead. It is whomever that calls upon the name of the Lord for salvation that is guaranteed salvation and eternal life. In 10:16-21 we find Israel’s rejection. Paul makes it clear that salvation is available to all, though in the context of this chapter, he is focused on the Gospel given to Israel, which they rejected. The point made is that Israel had ample opportunity to receive the Gospel, yet they would not.
This leads us then to chapter 11, where we see God’s sovereign choice revealed. Israel’s rejection of the Gospel led to God’s choosing and turning to the Gentiles in grace. In 11:1-6 we see God’s sovereignty in the election of grace. Here we have God’s election of Israel in view. God had chosen Israel as His covenant people from eternity past and entered into a relationship with them that will never be destroyed. This is the election of Israel as a nation; individual salvation is not seen here. In 11:11-24 we have the sovereignty of God in Gentiles. Israel did stumble, but they are still God’s chosen. Therefore, the covenant promises given to Israel will be fulfilled though they are set aside for a period of time. This is the grace that God has given to the Gentiles. Due to Israel’s rejection, grace has been extended to Gentiles so that all who believe may be saved. It is in this age that God is bringing to Himself a people from among the Gentiles. There will come a time when God will once again deal with Israel as a whole. This thus leads us to God’s sovereignty in Israel’s salvation. God’s plan was to put Israel aside temporarily in order to show grace to the Gentiles. This is a mystery in that it was not previously known, but is now made known today. All of Israel will one day be saved. This does not mean that all will come to salvation, but that Israel has a whole will be saved. God will fulfill His promises to Israel as a nation. Finally, we see God’s sovereignty to God’s glory and praise. All that God has done in choosing Israel, to setting them aside temporarily, to grace extended to the Gentiles, and to God one day fulfilling all of His promises to Israel, is cause for giving Him all praise and glory. His ways are beyond our comprehension, but His ways are right and true and just!

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