The Family Altar

At the writing of this article we are experiencing the first big snowfall of the year. Unfortunately, we were unable to have church on Sunday due to the inability to get the parking area plowed. As we announced that there would be no services, I encouraged folks to worship with their family at home. I asked my children to take some time and plan out a worship service for our family. Emma lead the music, Ella provided special music, and Eban preached. We then ended with a time of prayer. It was really special having that time with the family. However, this is something that should not be done only when there is no regular church services. Families should worship together on a regular basis in addition to faithfully attending their local church. The family altar, I am afraid, is not a priority anymore in many families. I believe that the lack of a family altar time has contributed to the many broken homes we see today. It all begins with the parents. The father should take seriously his role as the spiritual head of the home. He should lead his family in Bible study and prayer. Most families depend on the church to teach their children the Bible. However, the primary responsibility is in the home. I believe that the power of God would be much more evident in the life of the church when its members participate in the family altar. Imagine if the families in your church took time everyday to read God’s Word together and pray together everyday. By the time Sunday comes, everyone would have already been worshiping with their families and their hearts will be more ready to worship with their church family. I believe that if the family altar was a regular practice amongst God’s people, we would see revival sweep through the church. We would see more souls saved. We would see more growth. We would see God work in amazing ways. I would encourage all of us to commit to having a family altar time on a daily basis in our homes. Such a commitment could, in fact, transform the church. If your family has such a time together already, please comment and share with others the way you have a family altar time. As we share ideas, perhaps more families would commit themselves to a regular family altar time.

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