Summary of How Biblical Languages Work – Chapter Eight

                As we conclude our summary of How Biblical Languages Work, we find the authors dealing with practical ways to study and learn the Biblical languages. In this chapter we see topics such as: separating the children from the adults, are you motivated, how your personality type affects learning, seeing, hearing, and doing, and also tips for various learners.

                This chapter does not directly deal with Biblical languages, however, it gives you come perspective on learning that will enable you to take on the task of learning Biblical languages. Tips are given for visual learners, auditory learners, and tactile or action learners.

                There is also a section on setting goals in language learning. To do this you must measure your reading ability and measure your ability to understand the Biblical languages. The authors also provide various hints to learning Hebrew and Greek vocabulary.

                Some may ask why it is important to know and understand Biblical languages. The answer is relatively simple. By knowing and understanding Biblical languages, you are able to better discern the truth of God’s Word. You will be able to come to a better and more complete understanding of scripture and become a better teacher and communicator of the Word. You do not necessarily have to become a language expert, however, understanding how Biblical languages work and how to use various resources to help you discover the true meaning of a text is a vital must needed skill in Biblical interpretation.

                How Biblical Languages Work, by Peter Silzer and Thomas Finley is a must read for those who desire to come to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. The simple and practical way the study of Biblical Languages is laid out in the book is understandable and helpful. I would encourage all serious students of the Bible to read this book.

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