Summary of Lewis Chafer’s Systematic Theology Volume V Chapters I-V

In this important work of theological literature we find the subject of Christology. In these chapters it is noted that the author deals in particular with the study of the Preincarnate Christ as well as the Incarnate Christ. Both of these examinations are of significant importance in the understanding of who Christ is. Lewis Chafer makes a tremendous effort in communicating the essentials of the truths at hand.
As a foundation to learning more in the field of Christology it is imperative that the Deity of Christ is thoroughly noted. Chafer deals with this issue in a concise way on pages 7-23. The basic presupposition of the Christian faith is that Christ is indeed God. In order to appreciate Christology to its fullest degree one must come to an understanding and a personal faith in the Deity of Christ. Jesus Himself stated that ‘if you have seen me, you have seen the Father.’ Christ is all that God is. John chapter one is one of the most straight forward passages of scripture regarding this issue. The text very clearly identifies Jesus as the Word who is God and by whom all things are created. In noting the Deity of Christ we find that certain Divine names are attributed to Christ. Each of these names give Christ specific designations which in turn solidifies the fact that He is indeed God. There are several designations concerning eternal relationship namely: Logos, Only Begotten, Image, and Exact Image. There are also the basic designations of Deity namely: God, Immanuel, and Jehovah. All of these of which are given for the identification of who Christ is. The real understanding that must be achieved is the fact that in the preincarnate Christ we find His Deity from eternity past all the way through time and into eternity future. Christ is God and always will be. Chafer provides more details on this matter in chapter one.
In His study of Christology, Chafer also deals with the subject of the incarnate Christ. An introduction to such a study is found in pages 39-46. There are several divisions of such a study and those divisions are listed as follows: The Old Testament anticipations, and the birth and childhood of Christ, among others. The division of which Chafer addresses in the chapters at hand is the two mentioned previously. Other divisions will be noted in future regards to Chafer’s writings. On the subject of the Old Testament anticipations of the incarnate Christ we find the types of Christ and the prophecies concerning Christ as given in the Old Testament. A type of Christ refers to pictures or examples of Christ. It is noted that in the Scofield Reference Bible there is thus given an exhaustive list of forty-one types of Christ found in scripture. The conclusion of this point is that Old Testament saints were given certain pictures of Christ in order to direct their way to Him. There are also given Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ. There are many prophecies concerning Christ in the Old Testament that it would not suffice to mention in a simple summary. The second division of the study of the incarnate Christ we find the birth and childhood of Jesus. Here we find the miracle of the virgin birth. It is noted that Christ must be born of a virgin in order to refrain from inheriting a sin nature. Christ could not have been born from the seed of a man or thus He would cease to be God. It is also noted that though Christ is God He is also human and every prophesy concerning the lineage of Christ was completely fulfilled to the most precise detail. Chafer gives us a very compelling argument as to the incarnation of Christ. This is among the most profound works on who Christ is. Every student of the Bible should take the most consideration of such a work written by Lewis Chafer.

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